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Overwhelmed by Credit and Collections?

  • Can your in-house team still manage all of your credit apps and collections?
  • Is it difficult to separate personal feelings from sound credit decisions?
  • Are you simply tired of managing credit and collections in-house?
  • Would you like more time to get back to what you do best?

Immediate and steady cash flow is just the first benefit of partnering with Interstate Billing Service. Our clients also enjoy the immense relief of eliminating credit risk and handing over management of credit approvals and collections to a third party.

But IBS isn't just any third party.

Our credit team has worked with hundreds of thousands of business customers since 1984. We have extensive experience in evaluating credit applications, financial statements and payment histories.

Our non-recourse billing program assumes your risk of bad debt, so we've developed sound credit practices to try to meet your customers' credit needs so you can make your sale.

However, we value and respect your personal relationships with your customers.

We also understand that no applicant is exactly the same, and sometimes there's more to credit than what you'll find on paper. We work closely with our clients to ensure that personal relationships and histories are considered and respected. And we treat your customers just like you'd want them to be treated.


Our credit process is streamlined and simple, but incredibly effective.

  • First, your customer completes our credit application online or in your store.
  • Next, our team thoroughly reviews the application and establishes a credit limit for the customer. You'll have final approval of this limit.
  • If a customer later wants to make a purchase exceeding their limit, you can submit an approval request by phone or online (and often get an instant response to your request).

When you submit these invoices to IBS at the end of each day, we'll send you cash for the total amount less your small discount fee the next business day.

Then we handle the billing and collections for you.

Your customers receive a statement from us at the end of the month listing all of their charges. We handle their billing questions, accept and apply payments, and work closely with you to resolve any billing disputes. 

We eliminate the headaches and risks of credit and collections, but you retain control...and your customer relationships.