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Truck MechanicWith over 30 years in the billing industry, IBS can improve your cash flow and simplify your billing with: 

  • Easy setup 
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Worry-free process

I'll work with you to understand your specific needs, determine how IBS help, and create a customized quote, so you can get back to business. 

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December 1, 2021
At Interstate Billing Service, we take the security of clients and customers seriously. Fraud prevention is an industry-wide concern impacting businesses worldwide. There are many areas of...
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November 16, 2021
Fraud is all too common, and it should come as no surprise that small businesses are at risk. It’s also not surprising that the biggest area of fraud in small businesses occurs in accounts receivable...
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November 1, 2021
Establishing yourself or your company as an industry leader can benefit both your business and your industry. In addition to increasing your professional value, establishing thought leadership can...
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