Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accounts Receivable Management?
Accounts receivable management services, or A/R financing services, provide outsourced credit management, invoicing and collection services to businesses with commercial accounts receivable.
What is Credit Management?
Credit management is the process of controlling financial policies issued by your business to improve profit and revenue, enabling sales, and reducing overall financial risk. It is how you grant credit, set the terms of the credit, and how your business recovers credit due and following internal credit policy.
What industries does Interstate Billing Service Serve?

Truck Dealerships – IBS provides cash flow financing and billing solutions to more truck dealerships than any other billing service in America.

Auto Dealerships – We've worked with auto dealerships since 1984; in fact, that is how we got our start.

Equipment Dealerships – Clients across the country rely on us to provide daily funding for parts and service receivables.

Repair and Body Shops – Let us manage your accounts receivable so you can concentrate on getting back to business.

Original Equipment and Aftermarket Parts Distributors – Count on us to provide immediate cash flow and eliminate your credit and collection headaches.

Other Industries – Our service is a great fit for wholesale distribution companies, supply chain managers and many other industries.

Does outsourcing my A/R cost more than opening a line of credit at a bank?
Interstate Billing Service typically costs less than a credit card which most businesses currently accept. The benefits of outsourcing offsets the costs of bad debt, staff reduction and administration. Plus, you can enjoy unlimited growth potential because, unlike a traditional line of credit, there is no cap.
What are my customers going to think?
Interstate Billing Service was established in 1984, and our service, terms and excellent customer service have kept us in business for over 35 years. IBS is well-known and enjoys a positive reputation in the industry. Your customer will recognize the strength of your partnership with IBS.
Do I have to turn all my customers over to IBS: or can I keep certain ones in house?
While most of our clients choose to send us the majority of their charge accounts, there are always exceptions, and this is definitely not a requirement to use our service.  We only ask that if you choose to bill a customer through IBS that all the invoices come to us.  This eliminates confusion for the customer by preventing billing and payment disruption.
How will my customer know of the change?
Your customers will receive two notifications of the change in billing – one from you and one from us.  We ask that you provide written or electronic notification in your last statement run before starting on our program.  We will also send your customers a welcome packet with all relevant information before they receive their first statement from us.
How would I get invoices to you?
We integrate with multiple software systems to make this an automated process.  Visit our Partners page to see if your software is already integrated.  If not, we are happy to work with you and your software provider to streamline this process.  Integration is NOT required to submit invoices and utilize our service!
Do I have to give up control of my business when I outsource my A/R?
Interstate Billing Service views every Client as a partner. Your customers are still your customers. Your business maintains authority to override credit decisions. IBS eliminates the headaches and risks of credit and collections, but you retain control...and your customer relationships.
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  • Eliminate your bad risk.


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