A History of Trust

Interstate Billing Service has emerged as an industry leader in managing commercial accounts receivable by providing unmatched customer service at competitive prices. Founded in Decatur, Alabama in 1984 with only 5 employees, Interstate Billing Service has grown to employ more than 110 people. Together we serve over 500 clients with annual receivables exceeding $2.5 billion, while handling the billing and collecting of an average customer base of over 100,000.

Financial Strength for Over 75 Years
The financial resources to make your business a success are available to you! Interstate Billing Service is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank Independent, a $2.3 billion community bank headquartered in Sheffield, Ala. Founded in 1947, Bank Independent has grown to 32 locations with three operations centers. With the financial backing from Bank Independent, we are able to lift the burden of managing your accounts receivable, while you focus on growing your business.

Nationally Recognized for Stability
Bank Independent has received the following awards for financial strength:

Capital Funding for Interstate Billing Service
Because of this funding source, IBS is fully capable of funding invoices for any size business. We serve locally-owned stand-alone operations as well as diverse companies managing multiple locations. To visit the Bank Independent website click here.



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"IBS has assumed the 'weight' of not having to handle the A/R side of the business gives us more time to give our customers better customer service."

"They are very good at what they do. They have provided us with a very valuable service for a very fair price and with a staffing level less than what we previously had, we can still function and grow."

"IBS runs the traps on credit checks and verifications, collects the A/R and funds your account the next day. Why wouldn't everyone use them?"

"They have done everything they said they would and more. They have made our job easier and allowed us to focus on growing our business and concentrate on the things we do well instead of having to concentrate on the areas we don't. They have improved our cash flow and we've grown our business because of their assistance. They are a true partner in our operation, not an outsider or just another vendor."

"It is so easy for us and them when it comes to billing. Everything is quick, easy and effortless. It is so easy to navigate the website, you get approvals fast and even when you call in you immediately talk to a person. It is so convenient."

"Interstate Billing Service Inc has been a service provider to our company for over 10 years. During this time, their staff has handled all of our billing needs with the utmost care and professionalism. They are always eager to help us with problems and find easier solutions to simplify our billing needs. We have grown from a 50 truck fleet to one of near 300 trucks in 2016 and Interstate Billing Service has been there every step of the way."

"The services provided by IBS help eliminate time spent on collections and free up our employees for other work."

"I would recommend IBS because of the ease of use, fast reimbursement process and nice folks."

"The services they provide are excellent. It's well worth the use of IBS to take the burden of Accounts Receivable away from the course of operating your business."


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