IBS Industrial offers A/R Streamlining Solutions for any size business. .

You're an expert in your field.
Rely on our A/R experts and get back to business.

Improve business efficiencies when you streamline with IBS Industrial.

  • You get all your cash in 24 hrs.
  • You eliminate bad debt exposure.
  • You get Interstate Billing Service’s courteous, professional
    team members to handle collection calls for you.
  • You never have to underwrite credit on a customer again.
  • You never have to mail statements again.
  • You get unlimited funding – We buy as many invoices as you
    can generate.
This is not factoring!

Unlike factoring:

  • We fund 100% of your invoices within 24 hrs
    • Minus our one-time  at fee
    • We don’t hold a reserve
  • We assume liability for bad debt once onboarded
    • Unpaid invoices are not charged back after 90 days
  • We never charge interest or late fees
    • Factoring costs increase every day until invoice is paid
  • We don’t make threatening collection calls to your customers


Xander Williams

Vice President
Industrial Sales

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