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Create a Timeline to Manage Late Payments & Collections

Posted by IBS Marketing on Aug 11, 2021 11:46:44 AM

It’s common knowledge that the longer a business waits to get paid, the less likely they are to get the payment in full, with each day late translating into less money recovered. While successfully managing accounts receivable is about more than getting paid on time — it’s the art of handling customer credit, optimizing cash flow, and minimizing loss in order to maintain and grow a healthy business — it also means successfully handling late payments.

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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Increase Cash Flow

Posted by IBS Marketing on Aug 4, 2021 11:04:14 AM

A change in political winds. Fluctuating prices of commodities. Unpredictable markets. Many outside events have an impact on business, yet most are out of our control. This is why focusing on what your business can control -- cash flow -- is more important than ever.

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Tired of Managing Accounts Receivable? Outsource It to the Experts

Posted by IBS Marketing on Mar 17, 2021 1:45:00 PM

Delegating A/R is good for cash flow and good for customer relationships

To outsource accounts receivable or not to outsource? While many companies have the right intentions wanting to keep A/R in-house, there are several reasons why outsourcing is often the smartest route. Too often companies make the mistake of mismanaging credit and collections, which can lead to poor cash flow and poor customer relationships.

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Interstate Billing Service Welcomes Procede Software Integration

Posted by IBS Marketing on Dec 18, 2020 8:59:40 AM

Decatur, Ala. – Tuesday, December 8, 2020 – Interstate Billing Service is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Procede Software which will bring mutual customers a step closer to seamless service integration.

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