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Interstate Billing Service Welcomes Xander Williams

Posted by IBS Marketing on Apr 26, 2021 11:36:24 AM

Decatur, Ala. – Monday, April 26, 2021 – Interstate Billing Service is pleased to announce Alexander “Xander” Williams has joined the sales team as Vice President of Industrial Sales.

Interstate Billing Service (IBS) is an industry leader in providing financial solutions, backed by unmatched customer service. IBS initially provided cash flow specifically for the trucking industry but has grown to serve equipment dealerships, manufacturers, and suppliers across multiple industries. Williams plans to bring the strength of IBS solutions to industrial clients, particularly industrial equipment distributers and manufacturers.

“Targeting industrial clients is a pretty incomplete picture of how encompassing this group can be,” says Xander Williams. “This market spans across multiple industries, anywhere there is handling and processing. Within those industries are manufacturers, suppliers and distributers. Like many of the industries we serve at IBS, these diverse businesses have one thing in common - they’ve increasingly become the bank supporting their customers’ needs.”

Williams brings over seven years of experience working with industrial equipment manufacturers and distributers.  His industrial background includes working for both domestic and foreign companies; from a large, worldwide manufacturer with over $4 Billion a year in sales to a regional pump distributor. Xander has acquired an understanding for industrial needs that scale from heavy-duty equipment to small, essential components.

“In businesses where all parts are vital, part replacements and repairs can create costly delays for the customer,” says Williams. “In turn, your customers can create even longer delays paying for the part or service making you financially responsible for bearing those costs. When you partner with IBS, you’ve partnered with a bank. We specialize in providing immediate cash flow so you can focus on your business.”

Similar to a credit card, for a negotiated price, IBS works directly with clients to set up accounts for their customers. The customer can charge a part or service. The client sends a copy of the invoice to IBS which will typically be paid the next day. The customer continues to enjoy 30-day credit terms. The client enjoys the immediate cash flow back into the business.

“One of the most exciting things about IBS expanding into industrial cash flow is the opportunities it opens up for businesses struggling with financing their own customers,” says Williams. “Our typical transportation customer maintains equipment and parts that are constantly on the move. But the need is just as great for the customers of industrial equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Equipment installed in industrial plants may be fixed in place, but they still have parts that require replacement and service. IBS offers a fantastic solution to the businesses that serve these customers.”

Founded in Decatur, Alabama in 1984, IBS serves over 500 clients with annual receivables exceeding $2.4 billion. They handle the billing and collection of an average customer base of over 100,000. IBS has provided uninterrupted funding throughout.



About Interstate Billing Service

Interstate Billing Service (IBS) has emerged as an industry leader in managing commercial and governmental accounts receivable by providing unmatched customer service. Founded in Decatur, Alabama in 1984, IBS has grown to serve a client and customer base with annual receivables processed exceeding $2.4 billion. Interstate Billing Service joined the Bank Independent family in August 2009 and embraces the Bank’s commitment to community involvement and local volunteerism.

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