Tired of slow cash flow and billing headaches?

Interstate Billing Service can help.

Fullbay has partnered with us to maximize your accounts receivable efficiencies by offering you:

    • An integrated experience inside Fullbay
    • Control to submit invoices without leaving Fullbay
    • Immediate cash for your invoices
    • Invoice and collections management,
      which eliminates your bad debt
    • Ability to check customer credit while creating an estimate
    • Full-service credit application processing,
      typically within 24 hours
With 30+ years of experience, our billing professionals will work with you to understand your shop's specific needs and customize a program so you can get back to business.


This recent Client comment reveals the value of the Interstate Billing service:

"They have done everything they said they would and more.  They have made our job easier and allowed us to focus on growing our business and concentrate on the things we do well instead of having to concentrate on the areas we don't.  They have improved our cash flow and we've grown our business because of their assistance. They are a true partner in our operation, not an outsider or just another vendor."