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Like many fast-growing franchise truck dealers, California-based E. M. Tharp, Inc. (the parent company of Golden State Peterbilt in Fresno) reached a point when accounts receivable became overwhelming.  Long-standing personal and business relationships led to challenges when it came to extending credit and collecting invoices.  

That's when E.M. Tharp management turned to Interstate Billing Service.

Within the first 120 days IBS collected 94% of E. M. Tharp's old outstanding receivables, making what Special Project Manager Ginnie Sterling called, "a night and day difference."  Today, Ginnie and General Manager Bruce Greer have established "1000% Trust" in the services IBS provides.

We invite you to pop a bag of popcorn, open a box movie candy and sit back to learn more about this mutually beneficial relationship directly from Ginnie and Bruce.

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IBS understands the specialized needs of franchise truck dealerships.

We help over 450 companies, including E. M. Tharp, Inc. and Rush Truck Centers, manage accounts receivable and we would love to do the same for your company.  

Our full slate of services includes:

  • Daily Cash Flow – We pay cash for your receivables daily though an online ACH deposit right into your bank account.
  • Credit Checks on Potential New Customers – Customers new to your business will be screened through a fast, easy credit process.
  • Online Reporting and Approvals – Once your customer is initially approved, future purchases are a snap through our exclusive 24/7 online approval process. For a demonstration of this and other online functionality, watch our Dealer Connect Demo video.
  • Customer Service and Collections – Our courteous, friendly professionals handle all customer inquiries and invoice collection for you.
  • Customer Statements – Your customers receive a consolidated monthly statement with all of their charges, allowing them to make only one simple payment. Statements are available online or by mail.
  • Marketing Support - Our complimentary marketing services will identify and target prospective customers in your area with personalized mailings upon your request.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you one-on-one to prepare a customized quote for services.  Just click the box below to request a call, or contact your designated IBS Sales Representative, Steve Williams at your convenience. 

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Senior Vice President and 
National Sales Manager
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