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We Manage Your Receivables So You Can Focus on Repairs

As a shop owner or manager, you've got your hands full just keeping up with the latest technology, staffing and training technicians and staying ahead of the competition.

The last thing you want to worry about is managing your accounts receivable.

Deciding whether to extend credit and how much credit to offer, sending invoices and making collection calls are all crucial to your cash flow.  So is bringing in new business and retaining existing customers.  But how--and when--do you fit all this in?

Partnering with Interstate Billing Service can get you out of the billing office and back in your bays.

You can trust IBS to:

  • Make quick, solid credit decisions and sale approvals
  • Transfer funds for invoices into your account within 24 hours
  • Provide customers with monthly statements consolidating multiple invoices
  • Answer customers' billing questions
  • Collect outstanding invoices, eliminating your shop's bad debt risk
  • Give you and your team 24/7 online access to customers' invoices and pay history

Offering your customers a free 30-day charge account through IBS will keep them coming back.  PLUS, our exclusive marketing services will help you identify potential customers and invite them to do business with your shop. 

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