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Could Accounts Receivable Management Help Your Business? 

Partnering with a company like Interstate Billing Service can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line, cash flow and even overhead.  But we'll be the first to admit that this service isn't a solution for every business.

Outsourcing accounts receivable management is a great option for companies:

  • With a primarily commercial customer base (B2B)
  • Providing services or products to customers "on credit" 
  • Averaging over $50,000 in commercial receivables each month

If this sounds like your business, are you facing any of the following issues?

  • Slow-paying customer accounts
  • Insufficient resources to manage invoicing, billing questions and collections
  • Tough credit decisions due to personal or long-standing customer relationships
  • Insufficient cash flow or maxed-out bank line of credit 
  • No time to market business or identify potential new customers

An accounts receivable service like Interstate Billing Service basically relieves you of all of these burdens.  

How Our Service Works

When a customer completes an application with you for a free 30-day IBS account , we take it from there.  

Credit Investigation

We'll review and verify the application, assign an initial credit limit to the customer, and get this information back to you immediately.  Using a third party for credit decisions bypasses personal dilemmas, saves you time, and makes potential bad debt ours, not yours.

Immediate Cash Flow

When the customer makes a purchase with you using their IBS account, you send us the invoice and we'll advance that amount back to you within 24 hours, less a small fee. No more waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for a payment; time is money, and we save you both.

Invoicing and Customer Care

Then we'll bill the customer once a month, answer billing questions, and even help you manage invoice disputes.  Your customer gets 30 days to pay, a consolidated statement and a friendly staff of 30+ customer representatives at their service.


We'll apply customer payments and take care of collections if necessary.  Eliminate the confusion of applying complex payments, stacks of checks to deposit, collection calls and even dealing with small claims or bankruptcy court.


Our in-house marketing team will provide you with personalized promotional materials to share your new free 30-day billing option with your customers. Plus, we'll help you identify and advertise to prospective customers in your area at no charge.  You're busy running your business...when do you have time for marketing?

Could Interstate Billing Service help YOUR business?  Have more questions?  Request a call or visit today from your regional sales representative.   

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