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How to Get Started

We make it very easy to become a client of Interstate Billing Service. 

First, we need:

  • Client Application – Complete and submit our secure online application. This application must be signed by an officer of your company.

When we receive your application, we will contact you and request:

  1. Customer List Please provide the name, address, phone number, email address, and credit limit (if available) of all active commercial customers for the last 12 months in order for us to better understand your customer base.

  2. Accounts Receivable Schedule – This will help us understand your customers' payment patterns.

  3. Letterhead Stock – Provide a digital version of your letterhead for IBS to produce an official mailing on your behalf informing each of your clients of the transition to our billing service.

  4. Financial Statements and Documentation
    • Financial Statements – Provide a current year-to-date statement of your business, plus two previous years' statements for review. In addition, please provide a personal financial statement for each owner.
    • Articles of Incorporation – Your Articles of Incorporation will provide a clear picture of your business scope and legal basis.
    • Tax Returns – Please provide business tax returns for the previous two years.
    • Beneficial Ownership Information - Please provide a copy of a valid driver license or government ID for any person with over 10% ownership of your company AND for one person who has the authority to exercise control of the business (such as a CFO, CEO, etc.).