Billing Programs

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Our Programs Fit Your Needs Without Excessive Fees

We offer two basic billing service programs manage your accounts receivable and provide cash flow financing.  Each gives you money for your receivables immediately instead of in 30-60 days, and both take advantage of our experienced customer service staff to remove the hassle tied to collecting your accounts. 

Unlike factoring companies that charge multiple fees, we share our simple fee structure with you up front, so you know to the penny what to expect. 

We Have a Program to Suit Your Business

Non-Recourse Billing – Our non-recourse service removes your risk, so you don’t
have to worry about hard-to-collect accounts. 

Recourse Billing – With our specialized recourse billing program, we provide daily cash flow, allowing you unlimited growth potential to meet your operating needs. 

We Offer Marketing Support to Help You Get More Business

Marketing Support Programs – Our clients enjoy complimentary marketing services, including market analyses, brochures and mailings, to help your business grow.

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